Staying close to home driving for Lyft

Lyft Trip 1 – up in Friendly Hills, Whittier I picked up two 20 something guys going to Mulcaheys which is a popular local watering hole here in Whittier. I dropped them off and got gas, water and some mints. It was less than a 3 mile trip. Trip 2 – I was up the street at Whittier Hospital where I picked up a guy that does reception there and drove him to the east side of La Habra. Trip 3 – I picked up a guy off Idaho St in La Habra just up the street from the previous fare and dropped him off at Ralph’s in Brea. Driving back from Ralph’s I got a ping to go back to Brea Blvd, its funny how things like that work. What I tell other drivers is when you drop someone off take about 5 mins and just stay in one place. Lyft is trying REALLY hard to find you your next ping and if you move they may give it to someone else! Trip 4 – This was my longest trip. I picked up three 30 somethings (one turned 40 as we were driving them home at midnight). I picked them up at the comedy club Improv in Brea and dropped them off in San Dimas. You never know where you are going at night but it was good convo and lots of fun. Dropped them off and then drove home on destination mode, no more fares. No joke we sang Happy Birthday to the birthday girl while stuck in construction traffic.  

Uber Eats

At Colima Rd and Whittier Blvd in Whittier I turned on Uber Eats and got a ping for McDonald’s (if course!) I arrived in line and gave them the order name. The guy cancelled so I cancelled. Oh well. Went home tired. Today’s rides: $27.29, 1hr 57mins, 62mi. If you are thinking about doing any deliveries you may want to give this bag a try. I keep 2 of them in my trunk and they haven’t failed me yet! [amazon_link asins=’B07DPXC1PG’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’jasotuck07-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7e028354-854d-11e8-925e-35368e7b8534′] [gallery type="rectangular" size="Screen Shot" link="file" ids="10241,10240"]]]>

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Jason Tucker

I'm Jason Tucker, by day I work as an IT director for a non-profit and on the weekends I drive for Lyft in the LA / OC markets here in California. I started writing about #gigeconomy stuff on Facebook and later on my personal website but found that this rideshare / gigeconomy content needed its own website. I started driving for 16 months now. Connect with me on any of these websites: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | WPwatercooler

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