Lyft to the Airport but I digress). So I dropped them off at American Airlines arrivals which is the fourth terminal and I instantly got a ping to pick somebody up at the fourth terminal towards the end but at departures (I was downstairs at arrivals! Doh!!). This is where everything went wrong I was essentially directly below them and it was going to take me about 45 minutes to get to them because you have to drive all the way out of LAX make U-turn and then drive back in again and this place was slammed. So the place was lit up like a pink Christmas tree (pink color indicated the amount of surge or bonus you’ll get for picking up a passenger in that area) and I was super excited to get at least some bonus tonight considering that the area was doing about 20% bonus which is pretty awesome for me. So I got a phone call from this person asking me why the heck was I leaving LAX (I was at the U-Turn area) I told them that and I’ll pick it up and explained what happened, well they said “well that’s too bad” and then they instantly canceled on me. Whatever..   Ya know, I’d do the same thing because knowing how much traffic was there, there’s no way that I would wait for somebody to come pick me up when there’s plenty of other drivers at LAX. If I would have dropped off I should have been able to pick up correctly my dumbass would have never had this issue. You see Lyft and Uber pick up at the departures which makes it easy for someone like me dropping off somebody at departures to grab the next person and get the heck out of there. I went to the queue area outside the airport loop so I went off-line while driving there then in that area is where I’m allowed to go back online and pick up somebody for the airport what was interesting since a few mins ago the queue was full but when I got there an opening happened and I was able to get into the queue pretty easily. So then I drove back to departures just where I should’ve gone the first time and the drive in wasn’t as long and it was pretty easy to get in and get out so I got over there picked up a guy who needed to go to Santa Monica and he asked me if I was a Marine because of the sticker on the back of my car I told him no my son is a Marine and I’m just supporting him he thought that was really nice and he himself was a Navy guy. I drove them over to Santa Monica with no delay and we had a great conversation, he was a surgeon at USC. I got another ping to pick somebody up and it was getting pretty late and Santa Monica was pretty empty so I picked him up and drop him off only a couple miles away from where I got him and set “destination for home” and drove home, didn’t pick anyone else up, oh well. [gallery type="columns" link="file" columns="2" ids="10203,10204"]]]>

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