Lyft pickup from the Honda Center home of the Anaheim Ducks

destination mode on and drove that way from Whittier, taking Imperial Blvd I got a ping to pickup someone at Birch Street in Brea. I picked up a couple in their 70s that was celebrating “another old persons birthday, she must be 80 something at this point!” Says the wife, the husband and nodded and I drove down Brea past my old work. A few blocks later we stopped at their place and I went on my way. Destination mode still going, I continued and got my first ping getting off the 57 Fwy, he was across from the Honda Center and they were in 2nd period with Ducks down (I checked the score before picking this person up so I felt like I knew something about the game). I drove him over towards Disneyland where he was staying in a hotel room there, he was from out of town and he was a fan of the opposing team.

Ask Siri what the score is before picking someone up in front of an event “Hey Siri, what is the score for the Ducks game?” and she’ll help you out. Works with Google on Android too!
[caption id="attachment_10245" align="alignnone" width="570"] When doing pickups around here you’ll end up getting many request to be picked up over here for some reason. My understanding is this is because at the time of writing Lyft wasn’t a preferred ride share partner of Honda Center. Read more about this on their website[/caption] I drove back to The Honda Center after dropping off the previous guy off at a hotel near Disneyland and I got another ping almost instantly, this guy wanted to ride all the way down to the Newport Balboa Peninsula. I drove down there and then got a ping to pick up two guys, split fair at the beach and drove them up to Santa Ana. The second guy live just a few blocks away and I dropped him off as well. Near the Orange Circle I got a ping to pick up two guys at a gastropub and drive them down to south Irvine. They were REALLY drunk and I got a prime time bonus doubling my fare which was awesome. Once we arrived at the first guys house the other guy logged into Lyft after we dropped the first off and I gave him a ride to his house. These two are lawyers and they were yelling at each other about Trump and Syria, it was fascinating.
Just because the person is in or near your car when they request a ride doesnt mean you’ll be the one “picking them up” I’ve had customers request an additional ride from me and have had to get out of the car and jump in another car that pulled up behind me.
I got another call this time across the street at the Improv in Irvine Spectrum and picked up a full car of folks and drove them to Tustin. They had a great time and we’re a joy to have in the car. I was done so I set destination mode for home and wanted to get back around midnight. I got a ping from the Orange Circle AGAIN and picked up a lady that is a teacher that lives in Fullerton and works in Irvine. SCORE!! She paid for my drive home and got me so close to $100 for the night. We had a great talk about chrome books in schools and a bunch of other stuff. Got her home and then drove home.

Question for you…

Do you drive to sporting events to pick up riders? If you are a rider do you use Lyft or Uber to get to and from the location? Let me know in the comments below! [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" size="Screen Shot" ids="10249,10248,10247,10246"]]]>

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