Disneyland is always good for a pick up

This is one of my adventures driving for Lyft as my side hustle while working full time. When I drive, I typically spend 3 hours a night picking up perfect strangers and making fast friends with folks, but on a Monday there wasn’t much going on so I had to improvise.

I turned on my Lyft app and headed west from my house in Whittier towards the 605 freeway. I found I wasn’t getting any pick ups – no pings, no quick cancellations, nothing. So I thought I’d take the 605 freeway south go down to the 5 freeway and then make my way over to Disneyland. The reason being is it’s pretty late, right around 10:30pm and I had a sneaky suspicion that I could at least get ride out of the place. So I drove over to Disneyland and got to their ride share pick up area off Harbor and right before I got to that area I got a ping by someone up at McDonald’s across the street. If you ever want to pickup from Disneyland the best place is off Harbor across from Denny’s and McDonald’s just past the bus stop on Harbor if traveling southbound from the 5 Fwy.

What’s interesting about Lyft is it doesn’t tell you where you’re going, but if you accept the ride I’ll give you a pink line going away from the person you’re picking up and shows you the path that you’re most likely be going to their destination. Most folks find themselves driving on the street when they accept or pickup a rider and never have time to look at where they are doing. I’m starting to realize its better to press the pickup button early to see whats going on before I get to them. Since I was in the McDonald’s parking lot I could take my time before getting to them.

Ride 1

I accepted the ride a little bit early to see where this person was going (as described above) and I found that they were heading to Long Beach. That’s a pretty good fare from Disneyland to Long Beach so I drove over and pick them up. Now obviously my intentions were to pick them up regardless but I really wanted to see where they were going so I’ll be able to talk with them about it having the screw around with my phone once they were in the car. It’s always good to look like you know what you are doing.

Map of Disneyland to Long Beach

The ride over to Long Beach was 25 mins, 27 miles and we had good conversation along the way. Her two sisters were asleep in the back seat and we discussed their time at Disneyland and how packed and HOT it was for them. We arrive in Long Beach and I dropped them off at their house. $26.77

Ride 2

I hate smelly riders and this guy was no exception. There are about 10 or so types of smells you are commonly going to have in your car. The most common ones are: Sweat, Marijuana, Cigarette / Cigar, Booze, Throw up, Random Food. This 20 something African American guy stunk of cigarette smoke, as if he hot boxed a payphone with a carton of cigarettes, it was SOOO gross. He was heading up to the train stop up the street and he was just around the corner from the first ride.

Map of Long Beach to North Long Beach

He got in the car and I thought “do I still have that Lysol can in the car?” If you don’t have these in your car already you should, it will save your life! Even the ladies from the first ride who just walked around Disneyland in the heat didn’t smell as bad as this guy did.

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After dropping him off (all he did was look at his phone and cough every once in a while) I drove off and pulled to the side of the road and got out that mini Lysol can and sprayed the back seat area of the car. It was about 80˚ outside but I rolled down the windows and headed back to Disneyland for round two since the night was pretty slow and I wanted to have at least a few rides under my belt before the night was done. I set Destination Mode to Disneyland and headed over, no pickups on the way. $2.62

Ride 3

I drove over to the Disneyland Pickup area and just parked and waited. It was midnight and the park was closing and everyone was letting out. The pickup area wasn’t that busy yet so I pulled to the right side and just waited for someone to request for ride. About 30 seconds later someone in California adventure requested a ride with the pickup point being where I was already.. score! Listening to podcasts I waited for them to arrive. It took just under 5 minutes for them to get to me and with huge smiles this couple from Nebraska hopped in the car and was happy my car had the AC on. They were on a road trip and took some time during summer break to drive over to San Francisco, Hollywood and finally Anaheim to check out Disneyland. She hadn’t been to Disneyland in may years and he came a few years back since his folks live out here. Their final destination for this trip was San Diego so I offered some advice about places to go see while down there. USS MidwayUnconditional Surrender Statue, Little Italy, and while there iDeserts, so good! By 12:41 I dropped them off at their Air B&B and headed home. $5.83

My question for you…

Have you ever used Lyft while at Disneyland? As a driver have you ever picked someone up from there? What’s your story?

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