Cruising the suburbs of Los Angeles with Lyft

Trip 1 I picked up a guy in Whittier who needed to go out to La Puente. He gets in the car and looks at me and says “is it cool if I sit in the front seat Sir?” He had each of his cheeks with Dermal piercings and dressed much like a cholo. I asked him where he was going and asked him how his day went. Then asked me if I was a Marine to which I replied “No my son is are you?” (I have a sticker on the back of my car, much love Son!) Ends up about eight years ago he got kicked out for a DUI and had a kid and a whole lotta stuff going on with him. He was heading over to his buddies house to go hang out with them. We talked about his time in the service and how things went with him (he was an SSgt) and how things are going now. What is interesting is he actually apologized for dressing the way that he was dressing, and that he said he hope my son didn’t end up being like him, kicked out and such. I was crazy moved by that. He asked about my son’s MOS and said he had mad respect for the Motor T guys. They saved his ass during his deployments and he was really happy to hear that my son started out that way in the Corps. He later told me that it was one of the worst decisions in his life that led him to being out of the Marines and he really wishes he was back in. Booze and driving is a heck of a thing.

Trip number 2 of 3 for the night

i drove closer to home and I picked up someone in Friendly Hills who needed a ride to local place called Tubby‘s. I heard good things about their food so I started asking her a little bit about that. It seems like most of my customers really enjoy talking about food so it was cool to talk with her about it and the different things that they had there and what not. She was on her way to do a hockey party over there or something. I still need to go to Tubby’s, I hear it’s kid friendly before 9pm. Make sure you carry barf bags in your car, even if you are like me and don’t drive past midnight it’s worth having in the car.

Trip number 3

This one was kinda weird, I picked up a lady who was over at Joann’s fabrics and drove her down to Trader Joe’s, she was making a dress and she needed to buy some food so she’s going to pick up another Lyft after she finished shopping trip, she was on the phone the entire time but was happy I saved her from walking that stretch at night. She kept talking to her friend about her Uber ride she was doing. I guess “Uber” us the generic term for App based ride share or something. This lady kept talking about her current boyfriend and the things she was going to do to him, very awkward ride between the craft store and the grocery store.

Lil bit of Uber Eats

I finished up my time driving by turning on the Uber Eats app and “feeding the stoners” as I tell my wife Jen. So my final thing was I got a ping to go over to a place that I didn’t know actually existed in Whittier, I knew that there was a taco truck that was named the same as this restaurant but I didn’t realize that I was actually being sent to a taco truck and picking up food from it and delivering it to uptown Whittier. So cool the weird world we live in.

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Jason Tucker

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