Apps that I use when driving for Lyft

If you are driving for Lyft, Uber, Uber Eats, Postmates or any other Gigeconomy apps this list of companion apps my help you do your job better. I personally use all of these apps and services give them a shot!

This post contains affiliate links, if you click them I’ll make a few bucks but I’m sharing with you what services I use so hopefully you don’t mind.


I drive a 2018 Kia Niro that has Apple CarPlay in the stereo head unit. This allows me to have my phone connected via a lightning usb cable and have my apps show up on the screen. I use Waze map app to display the map of our trip on the main screen in my car and I get turn by turn directions on my iPhone screen.

This may be a bit extreme but if your car doesn’t have CarPlay you can purchase a new car stereo that has this functionality. I recently upgraded my wife’s Honda Accord with a new stereo with CarPlay.

PIONEER MVH-1400NEX Digital Multimedia Video Receiver Apple CarPlay

While I’m driving for Lyft, the Lyft app will only show on my iPhone until I pick up the passenger. From there since I’ve instructed Lyft app to use Waze it will switch over to Waze which uses my iPhone screen and my car stereo with CarPlay to show the map of where we’re going.

I’ve found that Waze on CarPlay allow for my riders to know where were going and to provide input if they like as to how we should get there.

Milage Tracking

I’ve tried a few apps this last year to track my mileage and so far I’ve found a good combo of hardware and apps to make this happen.


There is a few pieces of hardware in this space for tracking your miles but the one I have found to be the best is Automatic. This device goes into your ODBII diagnostics port in your car (typically under your dash) and will track your milage for you. I’ve been using each version of these drivices and by far the Pro model is the best. Whats nice about this device is that it has a built in cellular connection (comes prepaid for 5 years of service) allowing you and your loves ones to track where your cars are at. With it’s companion app you can mark your trips as business related so at tax time you can have an accurate account as to how many miles you drove for Lyft. What I like about this Pro model is that it does all this without the app on your phone since it has it’s own GPS and cellular connection it does without any human intervention once it’s setup. It also does other things like provide you with error codes when your check engine light goes on.

It can also send you a notification to your phone when your car starts. So if you are wondering when your car is going to arrive from valet. Tracking of your car can be done using the mobile app as well as their website. It’s an amazing piece of kit for anyone doing business related driving or if you have teens that are driving and you want to know where they are and if they are driving safe.

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Automatic Pro makes my smart car smarter and my dumb car into a smart car.


I use an app on my iPhone called Stride Tax to track my mileage it’s purpose build for drivers in the gigeconomy to track all their miles, not just when someone is in the car. This is helpful during tax time so you can submit all the time you drove. When I get in my car to drive for Lyft I open this app tap the + plus sign and tap Track my miles, it’s that simple. Once I’m done driving I tap again to end the tracking and it will tell me how many miles I’ve driven as well as how much money I can write off in deductions, it’s awesome.
Download Stride Tax, it makes this dead simple.

Other Apps I use

I’m a huge fan of iPhone apps that are purpose-built here is a list of a few that I use for very specific things.


I use this app to find what areas are “popping.” It let’s me work out what places around me are popular and have had recent rideshare activity. What you do is you load up this app and let it run in the background and it tracks the movement of your car, when it detects you picked someone up it adds it to its database as more people use the app it shares this data with the rest of the drivers using it and will make it faster for other drivers to find good areas to be in. I use this app actively when I’m in an area I don’t frequent and a tap of the “Request Hotspots” button and boom I have a list of places that are popping. You can also drag around the map to find places not near you to plan to drive to if you really need a ride. It also includes a list of local events in your area if you are looking for places that may be letting out such as a concert venue or even a church. It’s awesome and makes it a great companion app for any driver.

Check out Farepilot

Farepilot helps me with finding all the locations that are popular and to find what venues need drivers without much preplanning on my part.

Airport Apps

Take a minute and search the app store for your local airport apps these tend to provide you with the upcoming flights. I live in the OC / LA markets and have a few airports around me. One, in particular, is Long Beach airport which has restrictions due to their Noise Abatement. Knowing this you can check their flight status page as well as using their mobile app (which is easier when you are in your car anyhow) so that way you aren’t waiting around at the airport when the last flight just came in or that the flight was canceled and wont be showing up at all.

If you want an app that just does it all Flight Board for iPhone is a great way to see all the flights in one place for all the airports around you. Flight Board by Impala Studios is the perfect companion app when working the smaller airports.

Never get stuck waiting an a small airport for flights that may never come in or are delayed.

Starbucks App

I know that Starbucks isn’t known for being a restroom provider but when you gotta go you gotta go. I tend to use their restrooms when I’m out an about and have found that using their app saves me time. The best way it saves me time is getting a coffee after going to the restroom, here’s how.

I load up their app and find the nearest Starbucks and place a mobile order. I drive to the Starbucks (their app will give your directions) go into the Starbucks and use the restroom and then come out and bam! my coffee is waiting for me. I walked out of there and didn’t spend any time waiting it was just a nice quick process.

Starbucks App

Everyone needs a pee break, combine that stop with a pick me up!


As you can see, gasoline in the LA market isn’t kind to drivers.

Outside of coffee, the only other thing we need to deal with on a day to day basis as a driver is gasoline. Much like the Starbucks app for coffee there is “an app for that” when looking for cheap gas and that is GasBuddy. Using the GasBuddy app you can find cheap gas in your area and if you want it even cheaper you can use their payment card for 5¢ a gallon off. They also have other paid services that I havent used before but look interesting.

GasBuddy App

Save some money at the pump and find which pumps are the cheapest!

My question for you

What apps are you using in your ridesharing journey? Leave me a comment below!

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